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Know Your Options!

Providing care to someone with Dementia is challenging and frequently an all-consuming endeavor. This 24-7 responsibility leaves little time to research all the service options available. However, it takes a “team” to deliver quality Dementia care.

Keep In Mind, Inc. is dedicated to supporting caregivers. Therefore, through KIM Q&A; we’ll introduce you to a variety of service options and providers. Each Q&A will give care partners a brief summary of a variety of organizations and service-options available. The more you KNOW the more support you can have during the care journey.

We’ll interview service providers and share their responses with readers in a clear and concise manner.


National Adult Day Services Association

1. KIM – Can you please describe Adult Day Services and list the top 3 reasons how it benefits both the person with a dementia diagnosis and their care providers? NADSA – Adult day services centers are a community resource that offer a

Geriatric Care Management Services

Keep In Mind (KIM) interviewed Carole Larkin, a certified Geriatric Care manager for Dallas based, ThirdAge

1. KIM – Please define Geriatric Care Manager – as many folks are still unfamiliar with the term.

Carole – A Geriatric Care manager is a person who will assess your situation and make a plan to begin solving any issues you may have. They can be a conduit to the necessary resources.

2. KIM – Is there a formula or best-practice for when to employ the services of a Geriatric Care Mngr? Do you find that people wait too long to reach out for your services?

Carole – The best formula for reaching out to a Care Manager is when you first have questions about what to do with your aging loved one.  Yes, they wait until the mountain has become a Volcano.

3. KIM – Why do you think that is?

Carole – People think that they have failed, when they ask for help and that’s just not true.

4. KIM – Looking at the landscape of Family Caregivers – many are supporting an elder from Long Distance – would you agree? How does a Geriatric Care Manager benefit a long distance provider?

Carole – I absolutely agree that the nature of the world today does put loved ones far away from their family base. A Geriatric Care Manager acts like a knowledgeable daughter on the ground – right there where there elder is.

5. KIM – You’ve been in business 8 years, what are the changes you’ve witnessed in the marketplace of clients you serve? (if any)

Carole – I’ve seen changes. It’s become more complicated in the sense that there are more vendors to choose from. More people serve geriatric needs and it’s difficult to choose the best one. The Geriatric Care Manager needs to know the background and business style of the owner/manager of the service provider. Because, how they treat their employees is how the family member would be treated by the employees.

6. KIM – From your vantage point – what are the looming challenges you see in the marketplace and how can ThirdAge Services provide support to those in need?

Carole – For Geriatric Care Managers in general, there is a huge opportunity. Shortly Medicare will be punishing Hospitals if a patient comes back to the hospital for the same ailment within a month. Geriatric Care Managers are already out in the communities providing services and there is a natural connection with Hospital discharge planners. A Geriatric Care Manager can act as an on-the-ground monitor of the patient’s condition.  They suggest other service care providers that could lend supportive services in the home, thus keeping the patient from returning the Hospital.

Thank You! Carole Larkin, Geriatric Care Manager with ThirdAge Services.

Transition with Care, LLC: Senior Move Management

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Kehoe Constructors, LLC: Senior Home Remodel

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Sentimental Logo Q&A Dementia Care

Sentimental Productions

Keep In Mind, Inc. (KIM) interviewed Kevin Delaney; Marketing Director of Sentimental Productions a Cincinnati, OH based family owned and operated company specializing in lovely reminiscent sing-a-long videos and Americana-style documentaries. 1. KIM – Sentimental Productions is truly a family operation. Please share the history

dementia alzheimer's care senior move management

Senior Move Management

Q & A – Transition with Care, LLC – Senior Move Management Keep In Mind (KIM) interviewed Cindy Greer, CRTS, Owner and Senior Move Manager of the Charlotte, NC based senior relocation company. KIM – Please define what a

Dementia Alzheimer's Elder Care Q&A

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