Dementia advocacy is the cornerstone of our company!

Keep In Mind, Inc. is committed to raising public awareness about the Dementia condition while providing educational support to the millions of caregivers.

We strive to be forward-thinking advocates with a mission of educating the public on holistic strategies and person-centered methods for Dementia care.

Through public speaking, published articles, caregiver education and staff training for professionals; we share our message of holistic solutions that empower and support both the person with Dementia and their care partners.

In 1906, during an autopsy, Dr. Alois Alzheimer identified abnormalities in the brain of his patient Auguste Deter. The 56 year old female patient is considered the first documented case of Alzheimer’s, which continues to be the number one cause of Dementia.

But, did you know that Dementia is actually an ‘umbrella term’ that covers the symptoms of over 100 conditions?

Dementia is an umbrella term
Auguste Deter was confined to an asylum at the end of her life. And, for decades we locked away those individuals who exhibited impaired behavior due to that cognitive decline. Mercifully, our care environments have evolved.  However, we still have a long way to go understanding and delivering effective Dementia care, in a way that validates, supports and empowers.


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Each individual is unique, in their Dementia journey

Each individual is unique in their Dementia journey

Both family and professional care partners alike, must understand the special needs of the person with Dementia.

 One size doesn’t fit all in Dementia Care! 

 Keep In Mind, Inc. passionately believes that care delivery is most effective when it is customized to meet the unique needs of each individual.



Both family and professional care partners alike benefit from proper training and on-going support.

Care duties can be more manageable when caregovers understand the nuances of the Dementia journey.


At Keep In Mind, Inc. we believe by providing on-going training and supportive resources to the caregivers we have the greatest impact on those with Dementia. As the recipient of the care; they benefit from a care partner who is an expert in Dementia!


Auguste Deter – considered to be the first documented case of Alzheimer’s