Keep In Mind, Inc. Philosophy Holistic Dementia Care

We specialize in holistic approaches to Dementia care.

What does that mean?

Although we realize that many individuals with a dementia diagnosis may benefit from medication; we whole heartedly believe that all individuals benefit from a holistic approach to care.

Incorporating holistic methods into your caregiving practices benefits both the care receiver and the care giver. As either a stand-alone option or used in tandem with medication; holistic approaches are effective methods for providing a nurturing care environment.



Our Holistic Philosophy recognizes these

Four Pillars of Support


Environmental Safe Room1. Environmental
Certain environmental triggers can enhance adverse reactions & behaviors for the person with the dementia diagnosis. By properly evaluating and eliminating those potential triggers; care providers can holistically minimize agitation and anxiety while maintaining a safe living space. Simple ‘tweaks’ to lighting, ambient noise and furniture placement have significant benefitsMinimizing clutter and unnecessary objects in the living space can provide substantial support and maximize safety.

Aging Communication Caregiver Dementia Alzheimer's Care Support Holistic2. Communication
Do you speak dementia? As a caregiver, it’s imperative for caregiving success that you utilize effective communication tactics that validate and nurture those in your care. You can greatly minimize agitation and frustration, when you speak in a manner that is comforting. Successful dementia care communication can be verbal or non-verbal. Knowing the difference is important. Persons in your care can be affected either positively or negatively by both your words and your body language.

Fruit Rich Fiber3. Nutritional
Utilizing nutrient dense foods in all meals and snacks has high-impact for those in your care. Foods rich in fiber can holistically support bowel health. Liquids and fruits can holistically support hydration needs. Remember this; as persons age their bodies require more nutritional support to maintain healthy body wellness. In addition, many medications can cause constipation and dehydration. Therefore, diet plays an integral part in maintaining muscle strength, body function and internal organ health.

Aging Man Playing Chess Engaging Social4. Activity
Utilizing creative ways to ‘engage’ those with a dementia diagnosis is a holistic way to minimize agitation, depression, boredom and other adverse behaviors that may arise. Incorporating simple exercises, artistic opportunities or musical moments; are a few options to engage in a holistic manner. Honoring their abilities through person-centered methods is encouraged and goes a long way to promote mental and physical well-being.

The Alzheimer’s Association recommends Ellen Belk. She’s an engaging, dynamic and knowledgeable presenter. She speaks compellingly about the importance of understanding what dementia is. She teaches caregivers about the importance of effective communication with the person with dementia. And, offers examples and tips that will help them be more successful in their approaches.

– Joyce Finkle, Program Director, SC Alzheimer’s Assoc.