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Holistic Solutions for Dementia Care

In this interview with eCare Diary, Ellen Belk, CDP & President of Keep In Mind, Inc. explains the benefits of holistic solutions for Dementia care.

Too often, toxic medications are used to ‘manage’ a persons Dementia condition. However, increased studies are supporting  the use of non-pharma or  holistic methods as alternatives. Keep In Mind, Inc. has been delivering holistic Dementia care solutions since 2011!

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Dementia Solutions Expert & President of Keep In Mind, Inc. specializing in holistic Dementia care solutions. An engaging Keynote presenter, audiences applaud Belks passion for advocacy and common sense care solutions. She's the author of the 360 Dementia Care Operational manual for professional providers. And she's developed the workplace wellness initiative; Caregiving 411, for those who balance care & career. Recognized for implementing large-scale programs for those with Dementia; She's developed Fitness with Friends, Memory Magz & Memory Mealz.

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