Ellen Belk, CDP - 2014 National Adult Day Services Conference

Ellen Belk, CDP – 2014 National Adult Day Services Conference


Ellen Belk, CDP & President of Keep In Mind Inc, is a sought after speaker. Audiences applaud her holistic philosophy, creative care solutions and insightful strait talk.

A captivating communicator, Belk delivers a heartfelt message that touches each individual. Combined with humor and caregiving stories from her 16+ years of both professional and personal caregiving experience; audiences are never disappointed.

Her vast expertise in Dementia care operations  is evident as she shares anecdotes and insider information with both professional and family care partners. From Executive level leaders to frontline care staff and family caregivers too; Belk’s nationwide audiences connect with her presentation style that challenges all care partners to deliver Championship level Dementia Care!



Testimonials Keep In Mind, Inc. Dementia Care

ICAA Active Aging Conference: Orlando, Florida

Very well done. Really appreciate Ellen’s ‘big personality’ and her heart and passion for this subject.”

“Excellent, I would attend a day session with her. She has many solutions to share.” 

“Best speaker all week. Great information & interactive.” 

“Best workshop ever! Love her! In awe!” 

Executive Leadership Training: Mesa Arizona & Auburn, California

“Ellen is great and such an inspiration.” 

“Wonderful, so informative.” 

Ellen is great! Love her energy.” 

It is clear that Ellen has a passion for what she does! She is wonderful and has great info!” 


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Caring for the Caregiver

Areas of Expertise

  • Holistic Care Solutions
  • Creating the Care Team
  • Successful Care Environments
  • Do you Speak Dementia?
  • Long Distance Caring
  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Balancing Care & Career
  • Innovative Activities