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Testimonials Dementia Care Memory MagzThe topic of ‘What is Dementia?’ was VERY helpful for me as I have been confused about this and Ellen’s definitions and explanations made this crystal clear for me. This came at an important time for me and helps me communicate with Mom’s caregivers and Doctors better. GREAT information! – Caregiving 411 employee participant, Kimberly-Clark.

Testimonials Dementia Care Memory MagzI really enjoyed the whole thing. I was able to relate to Ellen more than any other speaker. She really held my attention. – Caregiving 411 employee participant, Kimberly-Clark.

Testimonials Dementia Care Memory MagzEllen was passionate about the topic and inspiring and encouraging. – Caregiving 411 employee participant, Kimberly-Clark.

Testimonials Dementia Care Memory MagzSuch amazing information!!!! I want to Thank You! – Caregiving 411 employee participant, Duke Energy. I enjoyed the meeting today and I’m glad I was able to carve out time to attend. – Caregiving 411 employee participant, Duke Energy.

Testimonials Dementia Care Memory MagzEllen was extremely effective in the time she spent with the staff. I value her positive attitude and passion for what can and should be. She is an inspiration. – Barbara, Activity Director, The Summit at Sunland Springs.

Testimonials Dementia Care Memory MagzSince meeting Ellen I’ve become familiar with her and her services. She is a caring, concerned and compassionate professional. Her expertise, leadership and advocacy has empowered and enhanced the quality of life for many persons and families.
Ellen always exemplifies compassion with a huge dose of love. – Ken Routson, owner I.G.F

Testimonials Dementia Care Memory MagzEllen is a driven and charismatic professional with a sense of purpose to change the stigma of dementia and what can be done to help those suffering. Keep In Mind is changing the way dementia is perceived. Both by those touched by the disease and those who want to learn more. – Rosalee MacKinnon, Instagram Extern at Facebook

Testimonials Dementia Care Memory MagzThe Alzheimer’s Association recommends Ellen Belk. She’s an engaging, dynamic and knowledgeable presenter. She speaks compellingly about the importance of understanding what dementia is. She teaches caregivers about the importance of effective communication with the person with dementia. And, offers examples and tips that will help them be more successful in their approaches. – Joyce Finkle, Program Director, SC Alzheimer’s Assoc.

Testimonials Dementia Care Memory Magz“I really enjoyed working with Ellen. She is very passionate about the industry. Yes Indeed, I would recommend Keep In Mind, Inc. products and services to my peers in the industry!” -Nicole Haenszel, AVP of Operations, Constant Care Family Management.

Testimonials Dementia Care Memory Magz“Ellen is an energetic compassionate individual that can bring the best out in everyone around her. She is always full of ideas and enjoys success of improving the world around her.” -Gary Mohn, Alexian Brothers Healthcare System

Testimonials Dementia Care Memory Magz“Ellen’s background made her a natural in this position. Her caring nature and empathy, her professionalism, and her communication skills helped her to excel in her oversight of this Alzheimer’s Program. She always has a positive attitude no matter what challenges she may be facing. Her rapport with seniors is remarkable. I admire her commitment and drive.” – Lisa Levine, Dementia Care Consultant

Testimonials Dementia Care Memory Magz“Passion, Commitment, Leader and Expert—After working with Ellen for 3 years, I can truly say these words describe her. Ellen has a passion for seniors and has the expertise, drive and commitment to truly make a difference in their lives. I was fortunate to work with Ellen and learned a tremendous amount in the process.” -Wendy Ruiter, Human Resources Director

Testimonials Dementia Care Memory Magz“Ellen is a very down to earth and professional person to work with. I admire her attitude and her devotion to her job. She is very outgoing and concerned about the residents well-being. I enjoy her visits to our community as she is easy to communicate with and very approachable.” -Suzanne Dallefeld, Engage Life Director at Atria Senior Living Group

Testimonials Dementia Care Memory Magz“I have seldom met an individual who is as dedicated and committed as Ellen Belk. With a profound understanding of Alzheimer’s as it relates to the needs of both patients and their loved ones, Ellen has woven her incredible passion into a business that will no doubt have a positive lasting effect on all who are trying to manage this debilitating disease and the most difficult circumstances which surround it.

Her dedication to the ongoing care of those affected by Alzheimer’s is evident in her words, her actions and her heart. I recommend that you reach out to Ellen. Her compassion, depth of knowledge, and willingness to help is ever-present and a blessing worth discovering.” -Suzanne Woodling, Regional Sales Director at ej4

Testimonials Dementia Care Memory Magz“Three words come to mind when I think of Ellen… energetic, focused and creative. I had the pleasure of working with Ellen at WFAN and WLIB in New York and her seemingly ceaseless creative energy was one of the qualities that made her standout. Ellen also has a very charismatic, engaging, bubbly personality that immediately puts people at ease and allows her to gain trust in a quick and timely fashion.  As a talk show host Ellen was always prepared which led to a more entertaining, knowledgeable and insightful program.

It was my pleasure to have worked with Ellen and a sad day when she left New York to explore other opportunities outside the market. In my opinion, Ellen has been and would be an asset to any organization.” -Tushar Saxena, Broadcast Media Professional

Memory  Magz Testimonials

Testimonials Dementia Care Memory Magz“You have a great web site and the Memory Magz are great as an engagement resource. The support sheets are also JUST what caregivers will need to be successful.” -Teepa Snow, Dementia Care & Training Specialist

Testimonials Dementia Care Memory Magz“Everyone really likes the concept and that you are providing assistance with the programming through the conversation starter tool.”
-Jan Nelson, Virtual DementiaTour® Certification Trainer

Testimonials“Memory Magz is an excellent tool that can be used by virtually anyone to help engage a person suffering with Alzheimer’s or dementia. The high-quality photos and overall presentation of the magazine is very well done. The discussion guide that accompanies the magazine is easy to follow and is a great resource to stimulate conversation. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is caring for someone with memory impairment.” -Kevin Delaney, Director of Marketing & PR, Sentimental Productions


“Ellen and her husband are reaching out to folks with dementias. I can’t imagine a more genuine way to engage with people that most have already dismissed. Your idea is very creative. For those of us losing some thinking power, it is wonderful. I loved your Outdoor Beauty Magz. I am very appreciative of your work and value your ideas.” -Susan Grant, diagnosed with Frontal Temporal Dementia

Testimonials“My son, Jacob, is 3 years old.  He has Down Syndrome. He loves the vivid close up pictures in the Happy Faces Issue. He likes to ask, “What’s that?” as he points to the eyes, noses, and mouths of the children in the issue. Although the magazine was created with Alzehhimer’s in mind, it has a dual benefit with developmentally challenged kids. The photography is incredible.  Looking forward to other issues. Thank you for a great product. -Sally Sachrison, Parent of Special Needs Child

Testimonials“I have used the Memory Magz with both large and small groups.  One of my favorite applications is to have folks each tell part of a story about the picture, making it up as we go along. This can be done with all age groups and development levels. Sometimes the stories are serious and thoughtful and other times they are hilarious. It is truly a winning activity for everyone.”  -Cindi Royval Unger, Senior Living Professional and Advocate

Testimonials“Dear Dan & Ellen, We have an 88 year old woman (originally from Yugoslavia) on our brain injury unit after suffering a massive stroke. She is demonstrating absolutely no verbal communication, does not seem to understand the point of rehab and is extremely inattentive and is resistant to almost everything. One afternoon I pulled her off to a quiet corner, didn’t say a word, but started showing her the pictures of the adorable little girls in the Happy Faces Memory Magz (this woman had 3 daughters of her own). She was clearly engaged by the pictures and sat there paying attention, as I showed her every page in the book. She smiled broadly at each picture, pulled her hands up to her heart several times, and once even reached out and touched my face. It may not seem like much, but from my role as Rehab Psychologist, I know we shared a good moment together. Probably the best moment this woman has had since her hospital admission. Thank You!” -Beth Sparks, Rehab Psychologist, Acquired Brain Injury Unit, Wake Forest Baptist Health