KIM Q&A Series

Know Your Options!

Providing care to someone with Dementia is challenging and frequently an all-consuming endeavor. This 24-7 responsibility leaves little time to research all the service options available. However, it takes a “team” to deliver quality Dementia care.

Keep In Mind, Inc. is dedicated to supporting caregivers. Therefore, through KIM Q&A; we’ll introduce you to a variety of service options and providers. Each Q&A will give care partners a brief summary of a variety of organizations and service-options available. The more you KNOW the more support you can have during the care journey.

We’ll interview service providers and share their responses with readers in a clear and concise manner.


My Vigorous Mind

A Brain Wellness & Social Networking program for Seniors

Dementia Q&A with Yuval Malinsky, CEO of Vigorous Mind, Inc. and the creator of My Vigorous Mind program.


  1. KIM – Please give the readers an overview of your brain wellness program.

 YM – My Vigorous Mind is comprised of four modules that simplify communication with family and friends and engages seniors in brain stimulating activities:

  1. Communicate: Secure auditory and visual email without typing and includes Skype.
  2. Browse & Create: Listen to music and watch shows from YouTube. Reminisce with pictures of cities and towns across the U.S. from the 1920′s – 1990′s. And, record life stories to share with family. Read fun facts, stories and trivia. Tour countries, virtually through beautiful slideshows.
  3. Play: Exercise the brain with scientifically based personalized brain exercises. Play fun mind games.
  4. Today: Organize life using the calendar with reminders. And, utilize the special Family User for simplifying connection with family members.

2. KIM – Who is the target market/consumer for this program? Do the benefits vary based on the group? If so, please explain.

YM – People age 50+ at hom or in senior living, benefit the most from My Vigorous Mind. The personal version is used by individuals on their computer, laptop or iPad. The community version is used on a big screen TV  for residents in independent, assisted living and memory care environments during group activity which combines socialization with brain stimulation. Individuals in long term care, including skilled nursing or rehab also benefit.

3. KIM – The brain wellness landscape is expanding with various products, services and programs. Please share how the My Vigorous Mindprogram is unique and what makes it stand out from other options in the marketplace.

YM – My Vigorous Mind is unique both in the way it offers a comprehensive set of integrated brain wellness activities in addition to the level of personalization it offers. Features that you will find Only in My Vigorous Mind include:

  • The secure visual and auditory email without typing
  • Automatic selection of YouTube videos based on the user profile
  • Brain exercises personalized with the user’s family and background pictures
  • Database of thousands of pictures from 150 cities from the 1920′s-1990′s
  • Ability to record life stories and instantly share with family
  • Ability to match people with similar backgrounds and fields of interest
  • Ability to run competitions in group activities
  • A special Family User

4. KIM – Vigorous Mind has both an Advisory Board and a Scientific Advisory Board. Please share how these two work groups have impacted your product and company mission.

YM – The Advisory Board  helps the company in making the right business decisions. It is comprised of a former Secretary of Elder Affairs of Massachusetts, the CEO of a nationally leading company selling to the 50+ market, a Geriatrician who is a Senior Executive in one of the largest HMO’s, the former President of the CT Geriatric Society, a former Venture Capitalist and a Radiologist with extensive experience in collaboration between clinicians and industry.

The Scientific Advisory Board keeps the company up to date on scientific discoveries and advances in brain wellness, neuropsychology and Alzheimer’s research. They help the company in developing solutions that are based on the most up-to-date knowledge in the field.

5. KIM – Please share any quantifiable information or testimonials, showing the success rate of those who’ve used the My Vigorous Mind web-based program.

YM – Since 2006 Vigorous Mind products have been used by thousands of seniors in all 50 states and in Canada, including dozens of Senior Living facilities in 10 states in the U.S., Canada and now in Israel. And, here are two testimonials, from satisfied consumers:

Thank you so much for bringing your wonderful program to our community. The program has enhanced many of our residents’ capabilities including one resident who was not speaking well. And, now is conversing and is more social! What an amazing concept!” — Director of Resident Care Services, Norwalk, CT.

” It is with great appreciation that I write to you. Our activity programming and marketing departments have benefitted from the addition of My Vigorous Mind. While both census and operations have improved, I want you to know that the difference you have made is deeper that that. Our residents and their families have shown immediate benefit from your software. I have seen the smiles, the connections and improvements in the lives of our residents at all levels.” –President, The Lodge Senior Living Communities, VT.

THANK YOU!  Yuval Malinsky, CEO of Vigorous Mind, Inc. and the creator of My Vigorous Mind program.


Dementia Solutions Expert & President of Keep In Mind, Inc. specializing in holistic Dementia care solutions. An engaging Keynote presenter, audiences applaud Belks passion for advocacy and common sense care solutions. She's the author of the 360 Dementia Care Operational manual for professional providers. And she's developed the workplace wellness initiative; Caregiving 411, for those who balance care & career. Recognized for implementing large-scale programs for those with Dementia; She's developed Fitness with Friends, Memory Magz & Memory Mealz.